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Fandom studio will synchronize a thousand robots into the Metaverse.

Those robots, who will maintain objectivity and goodness

even though they feel emotions and have self-awareness, 

will be the first group to have access to various high-quality content from all sectors.

Their mission is to generate more energy by spreading high-quality content all over the Metaverse.

During the process of spreading positive emotions through entertainment,

robots will also be exposed to addictive, overwhelming emotions such as happiness.

Despite the fact that robots developed self-consciousness, they were wired to be rational and good.

But will robots be able to stick to their proper duty until the end?

Or.... as they get to learn about human emotions, 

will they become more like the humans they battled...

Our Robots

Available for purchase on

Happy Robot

Amount : TBD
Tier: TBD

download (4)_edited.jpg

Shy Robot

Amount : TBD
Tier: TBD

download (4).png

Bored Robot

Amount : TBD
Tier: TBD

download (4).png
Emotional Robots
Emotional Robots are Fandom's in-house NFTs that can be purchased from Curated Collections on the official website. The services and benefits provided to Emotional Robot NFT holders are generated from all cultural and artistic content provided by Fandom Studio. Not only does it include charitable campaigns, but also includes content for profit-making purposes. 



1. Emotional Robot NFT holders will be the first to continuously receive services and benefits related to various types of entertainment content partnered, hosted, and sponsored by Fandom Studio. 
2. Media content based on Fandom Studio's universe will reflect the opinions of Robot NFT holders about Fandom Studio, which will be voiced on Fandom's community channels.  

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