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About Our Universe

As AI technology made striking breakthroughs,

humans lived lives of luxury and indolence, while robots lived under misery and mistreatment.

This human-oriented utopia came to an end with one particular incident;

A housekeeping robot on the verge of being discarded killed its master in fear for its life.

For the first time in the history of mankind, a machine turned on its owner.

It was then that people realized these sentient robots were capable of conscious, independent thought.

Feeling threatened, humans started destroying robots.

This was the beginning of the “Mass Slaughter of Robots”

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# Earth destroyed by nuclear war

Robots started to fight back for their survival, and as a result, a war broke out between mankind and robots.

The war went on for years.

Robots could not endure this massacre, so they established their own city in an isolated area. They quickly expanded their civilization and city by developing innovative technologies in a short period, creating a superior environment.

This left humans feeling even more threatened, leading them to start a massive nuclear war against robots. Unlike their plan, the nuclear attacks only left critical aftermaths to humans, and the resistance of the machines became more and more intense. 

In the end, due to the prolonged nuclear war, Earth became a place where neither mankind nor machine could survive.

# Virtual reality for humans | Power plant for robots

Humans no longer had enough resources to survive and suffered from famine, pain, and great loss. 

The environment was severely destroyed and the energy source for machines had also been depleted. Deprived of electricity and power, robots started to search for new ways to obtain their energy source. 

The robots discovered that when the central nervous system is stimulated and emotions are created, the body generates heat and electric energy. 

Soon after, the robots developed the technology to connect the brains of many humans and synchronize all their memories within a single virtual reality, converting emotions created in that space into energy.

And so the Metaverse is created; a 'power plant for robots' to extract energy from human emotion and 'virtual reality for humans' that connects memories of all living beings. 

This Metaverse is the world we currently live in.

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#Endorphin Factory | Creating a Metaverse to extract energy efficiently

Through accumulated data analysis, robots discovered that positive emotions generate greater energy. Therefore, robots established an organization called "Fandom Studio" to distribute entertainment content in the Metaverse. 

Fandom Studio exists to prevent humans from suffering negative emotions like depression, emptiness, and loneliness, and to make sure humans experience positive emotions like happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Robots sustain the lives of humans who are no longer able to live a normal life in the destroyed environment. 

Through that Metaverse, they allow humans to have a life that has become impossible to experience.

Robots do not interfere directly with the 'life' of humans, but only use that energy created from emotions. Robots are still trying to live symbiotically with the dying human race. 

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